About Us

Our Story

Planet Asia Expeditions is a ten-year-old and growing organisation comprised of qualified bird/safari guides and wildlife photographers. Our team is also connected to a network of natural history professionals and services, such as customised lodges, homestays, local spotters, and professional transportation services, all of which will ensure you a rewarding, stress-free birdwatching and natural history tour experience. In addition, we own and operate a network of bird hides and have arrangements for bird hides in many prominent birding locations throughout Asia.

The Art of Nature Expedition

Asia in general, and India in particular, is a vast, colourful canvas filled with beautiful birds and wildlife that will inspire and awe anyone. We want our guests to enjoy our destinations’ exquisite cuisines and cultural heritages as well. We work with experienced guides, seasoned local spotters, and top local foodies who have extensive domain knowledge. We also provide bird hides and feeders to help with close-up shots of rare birds and wildlife, as well as professional photography.

Guided by Experts

You can be confident that you are in the best of hands when you travel with Planet Asia Expeditions. We have a thorough understanding of all the preferences and requirements of any birdwatching, wildlife, or nature enthusiast and are equipped to satisfy all of them, thanks to our 12 years of experience and knowledge of popular birding hotspots in India and other Asian hotspots. In our quest to see the rarest of rare birds, wildlife, and experiences, we have encountered and solved a variety of touring challenges in order to provide the best for our guests.

Our Expedition Leaders

Sanu Sasi
Sanu Sasi

Meet Sanu Sasi, a highly experienced bird-watching guide from Thatekkad, Kerala, India. With a passion for birds and nature that has spanned 16 years, Sanu has become a highly respected figure in the bird-watching community throughout south India. Sanu's expertise in the field of birding has been honed through countless hours of observation, study, and exploration of the natural habitats of birds. He has an extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna and has developed a keen eye for spotting even the most elusive bird species.

Photo of Yeswwant, Planet Asia Expedition Tour Guide

Yeswanth is a well experienced Naturalist, field observation storyteller, and wildlife enthusiast specialising in natural history tours in Western Ghats operating from Ooty. He has always been fascinated by wildlife since his childhood. Yeshwanth engages in nature and wildlife observations and takes on the role of a nature guide, leading people on birdwatching trips and increasing awareness about the jungle. He is an active member of many conservation project in Nilgiri Bio-hemisphere region.

Dhanish Planet Asia Birding Guide
Dhanish Thankachan

Dhanish Thankachan, a popular figure in birding circuits with a decade of experience as a guide and in birding tours in India and Sri Lanka, is known for his energetic spirit and exceptional bird spotting abilities. He is a favourite of wildlife photographers both locally and internationally. Dhanesh nurtures the dream of exploring extraordinary places, armed with the honour of being hailed as an authority on birding in South and North India.

Photo of Rustom, Planet Asia Expedition Tour Guide
Rustom Basumatary

He is our representative from the region to the north. For a significant amount of time, Rustom has been leading wildlife trips in the Indian states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh as well as other areas located in the northeast of the country. Rustom is the greatest bet for explorers searching for avian treasures in Eagles Nest and Mishmi hills etc. thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the flora and fauna of these least explored places of India.

Photo of Planet Asia Expedition Tour Guide
Gokul Krishna

Gokul, who was born and raised in Andaman, has had a lifelong fascination with birds. He is a staunch supporter of island conservation, and his knowledge of Andaman Island birds exceeds 360 species, more than anyone else. He holds a PhD in ornithology and works as a Research Associate for the Zoological Survey of India. As a result, he has amassed a vast knowledge of birdlife and Andaman Island conservation.

Photo of Pritham Ghosh, Planet Asia Expedition Asssocxiate
Pritam Ghosh

Pritam Ghosh, a birdwatching guide and wildlife tour organizer, has been passionate about watching wildlife and avifauna for the past 11 years. In 2017, Pritam turned this passion into a profession and has since organized and guided hundreds of trips in the Eastern Himalaya region. Singalila National Park, Neora Valley National Park, Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, North Sikkim, and East Sikkim are the regions where Pritam works. In addition to the profession, Pritam is also involved in wildlife conservation work with the Human Environment and Alliance League.